Monthly Archives: August 2009

Sony NWZ-E438F + Video

I recently purchases a Song Walkman which has great video capabilities – provided you know how to encode the video.

It’s not very hard, simply chuck the video into handbrake and let it churn out a Sony Walkman compatible video:
handbrake -i $input_name -o $output_name.mp4 -f mp4 -e ffmpeg -E faac -w 320 -l 240 -b 500

If you don’t have this program, use the following options in any video converter program:
width: 320px
height: 240px
audio encoder: faac
video encoder: ffmpeg
output format: mp4
video bitrate: 500 kb/s


Movies for August 2009

  • District 9
  • I like the science fiction premisis but I don’t like what the trailers hint at: it’s gonna be a long movie (> 2h).

  • Time Traveler’s Wife
  • I think it’s time to give in and watch a sci-fi(ish) romance for a change.

  • The Final Destination
  • Final Destination™ movies have always been fun to watch (if not a bit cliche+silly).

  • Inglourius Basterds
  • No particular reason apart from that it looks like a good action flick (with good acting [hopefully]).