Printing to a remote printer

Every now and then I’ll enter the computer lab only to find that all the computers are being used – this usually happens when I urgently need to print something before I miss the bus.

Thankfully, the system admins have allowed me the wonders of ssh access. So, printing is relatively simple:

Copy the file to be printed to the server.

scp filename.pdf username@server:.

List all available printers.
lpstat -a

Send your document to the printer.
lpr -Pprinter filename.pdf

Optionally, to save paper, you may print multiple pdf pages on one sheet.
The process is simple: convert the pdf to ps (postscript), use the psnup utility to increase the number of pages placed on each sheet, then convert the pdf to ps.

pdf2ps filename.pdf
psnup -n2 (or 2up to get two pages per sheet)


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