In Brief

I am a 2012 Computer Engineering student.  I recently graduated high
school and I am looking forward to college.

Technology is my life. Whether I’m writing code in Vim or checking my latest RSS feeds in Google Reader, I love to use technology.

It began with my trusty 486: 400MB of harddrive space, 16MB ram, MS-DOS, Windows 95. For a while, this was fine and, until I got a hold of the Pentium II, my options were limited. I didn’t have a CD writer, nor a USB stick; I didn’t even have access to the internet. I did, however, have a floppy disk ^_^.

Once I had access to the Pentium II things changed. Now I could access to the internet through AOL (dial-up). I experimented with QBASIC and other similar programming languages.

It was around this time that I heard about Linux. I burned a few experimental live CD’s and I realised that the Unix Terminal was a lot more flexible than MS-DOS. I immediately caught onto the directory naming schemes (such as /etc /bin /home /usr) and other strange Unixy things (make install, compiling the kernel, etc.) and before long it became my operating system of choice.

As soon as I got my first laptop I partitioned the harddrive, installed GRUB, and gave Gentoo Linux a home on there. That worked for a few months until I realised that I could achieve all the optimizations Gentoo provided by using a i686 binary distro.

I currently use Arch Linux.

Looking toward the future, I plan to get another laptop, probably the Macbook Air.

I am an advocate of KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid. I don’t see the point of a GUI for everything; I prefer CLI to most things with the exception of web browsing or image editing.

If I would to list my most used applications, they would be (not in order): mutt, pidgin, vi, firefox, vimperator, uxterm, irssi, ssh, mpd, audacious, and dwm. If you don’t know what any of them are, look it up.

I store the dotfiles for my most commonly used applications online, you can see them here: dotfiles


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